What we can learn about 2nd screen activity from The Grammy Awards 2016?

There are times that the event of trying to convince a client or even your own team members that an idea has potential, feels like a day in the court room. It can be as tedious as proving the Steven Avery case. Long gone were the days that clients or even account management teams could be convinced about the success of a campaign just from the creative idea or the strategic insight. Like everything on social media, everything now needs validation or endorsement that "yes this could work" or "yes someone else have done it, and done it well".

It is a no brainer that technically almost everyone with a smart phone have treated their phones like an additional organ to their body. I call this addiction of smart phones (that I have too) as the digital yawn. It is so contagious that, when you sit in a room or mode of transportation; and you see someone else pulling out their phone - you will pull out your phone too. And this addiction to phones don't just follow you in your bedroom, in your meeting room, or toilet - its not unusual for people to use their smartphones while supposedly engaging in the distractive entertainment while watching movies of the television.

Its almost a no brainer to start thinking about how your brands or clients should be adapting the 2nd screen activity habit to how you think about connecting with your audience.

Therefore I'd like to share a slideshare I have created from compiling some very cool stats, trends, thoughts and learnings - all learnt from this year's Grammy Awards - to kick any creative, client or team leader in the butt, that 2nd screen behaviour is definitely a territory worthy to work on.

Dillah Zakbah