The Missy Elliot Model to Kick Ass in Creative Technology

Back at my time in Havas, our agency has always been an agency that runs on a traditional medium, in which the only digital briefs we'd ever do during pre-dillah era (i'd like to call this period as B.D) were just internal EDMs that were barely groundbreaking. Heck, I was even the first creative technologist for the agency across South East Asia and the only "digital" person in the Singapore office when I was hired.

I did feel like a modern-day Joan of Arc some days, it was a challenge trying to change mindsets, set up processes while trying to ideate and proof to clients and clients to be that the agency has great digital capabilities. Slowly and surely after a lot of shameless heckling and "humble bragging" while knocking on clients door and a relentless number of pitches; we are seeing an increase in briefs in which its ‘delivery’ is not just print and tv anymore. There is suddenly now a huge demand from our clients for non-traditional ideas that exist in the digital or social media space that will create talk-ability.

As a huge part of my job is to inspire, guide and educate the creative and wider team on all things technology, I had to educate the moment, I have come up with a process to help our new to digital team to overcome client demand barriers and give us a better hit rate at kicking ass with coming up with creative technology ideas that I call "The Missy Elliot Model to Kick Ass in Creative Technology".


Click on the image to view and download the presentation.

Write to me should you have any questions on this model, would like to add suggestions or would like to see the presentation in its full animated glory.

Dillah Zakbah