A brief of a lifetime that made the team’s childhood Geekish dreams come true - Disney Marvel came to us with the task of doing an interactive experience to go along Sentosa Sandsation - Marvel Edition, a 16 day long event showcasing Marvel’s most favorite superheroes and villains immortalised through Sand Sculpture.

What better way to treat Marvel super fans during the event than to let them feel what it’s like to be a Marvel Super hero!

Hulk is arguably the strongest Marvel superhero, without needing to rely on any special suits or equipments to save the day. Hence we call out for the strongest Marvel super fans on the ultimate strength test.

Built with rotary motors, pressure sensors and audio technology - Marvel super fans can smash the smash pad and judging by how loud they shout HULK SMASH and how strong they hit it, we build a software that calculates it almost instantaneously and then generate a result that would see trembles, rumbles and destruction to the smash grounds.

Each successful HULK SMASH would also auto generate a motion comic in the form of a .gif on the Marvel super fan’s HULK SMAH trial.

The even was a huge success that we had more than 10,000 Hulk Smashes through out the 16 days that other super heroes, and humans young and old have had their hands on what it’s like to have super abilities.