With a very modest spare change from the year end marketing budget, Magners Irish Cider wanted to amp up their presence on their facebook fan page, while letting the public know about them being the only cider sponsor at Laneway Music Festival Singapore 2016, with 5 pair of festival tickets to give away.


Since we know that Laneway Music Festival is a music festival filled with Hipsters who are there to see and be seen; and Hipsters after all do prefer a Gluten free diet (CIDER IS GLUTEN FREE!), we thought why not "create" an app that bring Hipsters together.

We created the Tinster video to look like a solemn yet moving 'kickstarter-like' video about the app, being purposefully melodramatic and ironic that calls for people to head down to the website to join the "beta testing" of the app. All they need to do is be a fan of the Magners Asia Fan Page, select their interests and wait for their match!


We receive exceptional results for the 2 week campaign for very little seeding budget. We manage to team up with SMRT Feedback for numerous number of posts, got featured posts across 25 different news website and mentioned on 1,705 after blogs and websites.

Magners Asia facebook page got a 30% increases in fans, more than 11k post likes, more than 100k views across our Youtube and facebook pages.

Through tactical and strategic seeding, we manage to reach over 82 million people through social media with more than 3 million in engagement. Our CPM was just $0.14.

4,200 bottles of Magners were sold at Laneway Music Festival which was attended by 13,000 music lovers / hipsters. It was Magners first year at Laneway Music Festival.

We manage to get almost 400 unique matches. 5 pairs got their first dates at Laneway Music Festival, 3 pairs proceed to 2nd dates and 2 pairs are still dating.